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About 'Cold Treats'

'Cold Treats' is the horror comedy novel I'm working on.

"A group of Minnesota vampires take a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska to enjoy the long nights in an attempt escape boredom. Their vacation is disrupted when they encounter someone with a plot that will end existence for all, human and supernatural alike."

I have been and will be posting the beginning of this novel on my blog.

Here is a taste:

Athena often became frustrated and had arguments with her, however, over Sarah Belle's belief that it was not right to feed from and kill humans, keeping to a strict diet of the blood of animals.
Sin?! Did you seriously just use the word sin?! That is a human word, a human concept! And a silly one to use, too, given that Christians drink the blood of Christ!”
Sarah Belle's eyes sparked in indignation as she responded, “They drink wine, Athena, not blood!”
“Tell that to the Catholics.”
Blinking for a moment in bewilderment before dismissing it with a shake of her head, she soldiered on. “That is not the point. Humans think and feel, that is the point!”
“What, and animals don't?” Athena raised a challenging eyebrow.
Sarah Belle's lips twisted in anger. “Humans know of and fear their death.”
“Uh huh. So do elephants.”

Hell is Over-Employed.

I had a thought yesterday I decided to share with all of you. The concept of hell is a place of torture, with lakes of fire and stabbing blades, etc. But I just had the insight that this is needlessly excessive.
Why bother to torture the sinners? Think of the times you've spent with awful people. Now contemplate a place that is filled with awful people, and only awful people.
Hell has no need, no use, for punishing demons and lakes of fire. By their very nature, the denizens of hell would torture each other, torture themselves.


(I would like to mention that I, as an atheist, do not believe in hell. Incidentally, my mother, a Christian, doesn't believe in hell either.)

Fanfic Burnout

I have lost nearly all interest in fanfiction, reading and writing. Sorry, storyfan. I do still intend to finish, simply from my new mentality to finish everything I start creating. But that Cabin Pressure fic will be a long time coming, I'm sorry.

I'm not depressed, don't fret about that. I still have plenty of interest in walking my dogs, listening to music and podcasts, writing my book, reading books for research.

I simply have fic burnout.



When I have finished my book, Cold Treats, I am going to self-publish.

Before you panic and start giving me dire warnings about 'vanity' publishing and such, chill out. I am doing my homework, researching as much as I can.

I am currently reading a book entitled 'The Fine Print of Self-Publishing' (Fourth Edition) by Mark Levine. I'm rather inclined to trust Mark's advice, because he himself is self-published. Successfully self-published, in fact.

And, according to the advice from my sources, including Mark, self-publishing is largely the way to go, especially for your first book, when you are an unknown that the publishing companies don't give a rat's ass about.

So, I'm taking notes, and will take out what I feel are the best books again when I've finished Cold Treats and I am ready to start the process.

Additionally, I'm thinking of also recording an audio-book of it. I have a good speaking voice, and I am a fairly good actress, according to directors I've worked with and audiences I've performed for. Besides, many people have a preference for audiobooks read by the author.

I've started a blog!

I started it a few weeks ago, actually. I consider livejournal more of nerdy social network/fanfiction access.
On this blog, I can track my traffic, and I'm going to be posting parts of my novel that I'm working on. The novel is a comedy about a small group of vampires taking a roadtrip to Alaska, entitled 'Cold Treats'. I've also posted a poem and a joke.
My intent with this blog is to build a fanbase so that I have an audience to sell my book to, that will be excited for it. And I also intend to entertain and delight people, hence the joke I wrote and shared.
I may end up merely shouting into the ether, but I shall at least try.

I did consider using my livejournal account, perhaps making a new separate one, but then I thought that Livejournal may be too niche.

Here it is!

May. 20th, 2012

Title: Oh, My God

Author: Kakareen

Rating: PG13

Highlight for warnings: mentions of suicide

Word Count: 287

Characters: Sally, Anderson

Spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall

Summary: Sally comes to a realization.

"Why didn't he wear a mask?"Collapse )

I finished my play!

'Sympathy For The Devil'. I'm kind of embarrassed by how short it is. I knew it wasn't going to be very long, but I find myself having written the complete story in only five pages. A slow expressive performance would be thirty minutes, maximum.

I don't think I can really add anything to fill it out, though. It feels like filler.

I may try again at fattening it up a little, if I can do so without spoiling integrity. Not a whole lot, really. I'd like it to last about an hour. That would be short, but sizable.
I have always had ambitions towards a creative career in the arts. Writing, singing, and acting. I'm good at these things, love doing them. But I know how very difficult it is to properly have these careers, to make a living wage. So, while I never let them go, I never took these ambitions too seriously, deeming the idea as unrealistic.

Then I had my car accident.

Mild nerve damage has made my left hand very weak. I can not truly grip at all or freely move my fingers properly. But I still peck and type with the fingers.

Because of my injuries to my legs, while I can stand and move just fine, standing or walking for long periods, like a few hours, exhausts me. Sitting is no trouble at all, however.

My brain injury has led to me responding poorly to being in crowds for a long period of time. I again get exhausted being in the company of many people. But my ability to think is unaffected.

All this adds up to a situation where having a normal, 'sensible' job would be rather difficult. Acting and singing are also largely impaired. But not writing.

So I now live a life where a career as a writer is the most sensible thing for me.

I have begun work on a couple of projects I have long had the idea for, but never bothered really starting before.

A writer is now who and what I am. And I have sisu. I shall not quit.
People on my flist have been talking about Elementary. So have Sue Vertue and Steven Moffat. ...and not in a positive manner.



...so if you wish to not see spoilers, I've insulated you with a cut:

BRB, bawling...Collapse )

So...it would have been bad enough for me, because I always bawl for Reichenbach, every version I've seen. And Martin Freeman is a brilliant actor, he wore the face of mourning perfectly. But that, that which I mentioned in the cut... ...I'm broken by this version, now.



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